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  Kimskova Park
  Kimchatka Samoyeds

Samoyed Articles

  The Samoyed in Depth

Overseas Links

  Kynoch Samoyeds ~ Northern Ireland
  Mykran Samoyeds ~ Finland
  Novaskaya Samoyeds USA & UK
  Polarmist ~ USA
  Roybridge Samoyeds ~ UK
  Sarbesha Samoyeds ~ UK
  Snowmist Samoyeds ~ Finland

Breed Clubs and Councils

  The Tasmanian Canine Association
  The New Zealand Kennel Club
  New South Wales Samoyed Club
  South Australian Samoyed Club
  Samoyed Club of Victoria

Dog Health Related Sites

  China Road Lowchens
  Babesia Infection in Dogs

Useful Links

  Australian Show Equipment
  Pet Express Transport Services - Leading you into NZ's dog web
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French Bulldog Links

  French Bulldog Club of NSW


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